Duncan Madden

Copywriter • Digital consultant • Travel writer

I help businesses say what they want to say, how they want to say it.

Even if that means taking the path less travelled.

I launched my professional writing career in 2003 at Paragon Publishing, subbing and writing for my favourite magazine at the time, Hotdog. A cult film mag with lots of attitude, a gung-ho approach and a very loose editorial style (with a middle finger firmly raised towards Hollywood), I knew immediately that this was the job for me. Fast forward 16 years and writing has given me everything I hoped for and more. 

It's invited me to travel the world, embark on unique adventures, take risks, discover, revel in luxuries, and then write about it all. Amazingly, I even get paid for (most of) it. 

It's invited me into the developer basements and director boardrooms of some of the world's biggest brands in finance, technology, telecommunications and commerce. It's given me the chance to help build and grow some amazing startups from the seed of an idea to commercial sustainability. 

Along the way I've learned a lot. I'm an experienced digital consultant and UX specialist with a keen eye for creating engaging, elegant and straightforward user experiences. I've built brands from the ground up with social and marketing strategies, developed voices and identities, and worked with developers and designers to build and launch websites and apps. And I know how to take the technical and confusing and make it understandable and intuitive using clear language and powerful ideas. 

Businesses often hire me for a fresh perspective. As an outsider I can give an honest, unbiased view of what's working and what isn't. So often the people involved in a project are so involved that they can't see the wood for the trees, and I help alleviate that by challenging logic and thinking, and helping keep their focus on the most important person - the end user.

I love my work and am good at it because I keep things fresh. I split my time between London and Cologne and am always interested in hearing about new opportunities and taking on new challenges – and I'm never too busy to speak to someone new. To see a long list of everyone I've worked with check my client list and if you want to talk, just say hello