Duncan Madden

Copywriter • Digital consultant • Travel writer

Jetsetter (now part of TripAdvisor)

Jetsetter is a US-created travel and sales portal and was amongst the first to capitalise on and commercialise the flash sale concept, offering Jetsetter members quick access to luxury hotels around the world at seriously discounted prices for limited sale periods. In 2013, TripAdvisor bought Jetsetter from the Gilt Groupe and continues to let the business flourish under the Jetsetter brand.


Travel writer, reviewer and UK content curator 

Already well established and successful across the pond, when Jetsetter decided to launch in the UK, the CEO asked me to curate the editorial transition to the UK market.

Primarily for this transition I read, edited and updated to 'British English' (sorry, I hate to use that term!) several hundred existing hotel reviews, changing not only the vocabulary, spelling and grammar but also the tone and style to appeal to a British audience. 

Alongside this I also strategised, created and wrote new email marketing campaigns, newsletters and social content to break the brand into the UK market. I also owned all copy on the UK Jetsetter website.


(Please note this is not the site copy I wrote!)

  • Hotel guides and reviews
  • US to UK 'translation' and editing
  • Web copy
  • Marketing, social and newsletters
  • Feature and guide commissioning

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