Duncan Madden

Copywriter • Digital consultant • Travel writer


MasterCard is a global leader in payments and one of the most recognised brands in the world.

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I was brought on by MasterCard Group to write a huge implementation guide for a new digital payment system it was rolling out worldwide. The guide targeted internal MasterCard operating countries and demonstrated what the new technology was, how it would benefit their markets and how to implement it technologically and commercially.

A huge project, I brought in a small editorial team to help manage the sheer volume of content and managed all copy between my team, the digital agency designing it and the MasterCard stakeholders.

An internal project under permanent NDA. (Sssshhhh…)

I have since worked on several other similar (albeit smaller) projects with MasterCard.

  • User guide copy
  • Extremely complex language and concepts
  • Diagram, flow and chart illustrations
  • Supporting marketing material and brochures
  • One-hour visual presentation demonstrating the product